Where to Celebrate October's Weirdest Food Holidays

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Tamara Palmer
Loving Cup, a great place to mark the start of "Pudding Season."
It seems that there's a different "food holiday" scheduled for every day of the year, and these are occasions we often give a side eye of suspicion to because they can reek of marketing campaigns. But we also get a kick out of some of the more absurd food items that have a day, week, or even whole month set aside for them. October is a particularly silly month for these celebrations, with holidays like Moldy Cheese Day (October 9), National Chocolate-Covered Insects Day (October 14), and Four Prunes Day (October 17). Here's where to enjoy some of the month's other strangest occasions:

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Pudding Season Begins (October 1)

Shh, be very, very quiet, we're hunting puddings. Loving Cup is dedicated to the pursuit of rice pudding, so it'd be a great place to begin this "season." (We're not sure when Pudding Season actually ends, because it's not a real holiday.) Here, you can go the traditional route or try flavors like chai spice, Creamsicle, and pistachio that probably do not exist anywhere else.

National Fluffernutter Day (October 8)

Humphry Slocombe has translated the peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich known as the fluffernutter into an ice cream flavor. Open Hand Fluffernutter uses Project Open Hand's peanut butter for the recipe, and proceeds from its sale are donated to the non-profit organization.

International Day of the Nacho (October 21)

On the day that is set for us to celebrate the supposedly global tendency to be lazy about what's for dinner, head to Taqueria El Buen Sabor for a weighty pile of nachos with carnitas. They make the chips there, and you can hold an endurance contest with your friends to see who can climb to the top of this nacho mountain.

National Greasy Foods Day (October 25)

Sidle up to the window at Batter Up, where everything including the desserts take a bath in hot oil and almost everything comes served on a stick. For this day, one of the offered blocks of fried cheese might be one of the best ways to go, and ask for it not to be blotted if you really want the greasy effect.

Wild Foods Day (October 28)

Make a reservation for Incanto, home of the newly crowned winner of Top Chef Masters, Chris Cosentino, to celebrate this open-to-interpretation food holiday. Check the specials board, which is called "Odds and Ends" and you're likely to find something that's wild, whether a non-skeletal cut of meat you've never experienced or a new use for an ingredient you've had in tamer ways; our last visit to the restaurant consisted of fried duck testicles and pasta noodles made out of sea urchin.

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