Usher Eats Vegan, Mickey D's Opens Veg Location, and Tater Tot Casserole Looks Lovely and Amazing!

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  • Guys, guys, guys--biggest news ever! R&B superstar Usher is eating vegan! And he wants the Biebs to go vegan too! I effing love Usher like whoa so I'm super pleased. Hopefully he will make the whole leap once he gets a little further into veganhood. And then JB will go vegan and make a line of vegan high-tops and I will buy every pair and start a vegan dance team. Step Up 11: Plant-Based Riot.
  • For your weekly vegan food porn, I present a staggering work of tater tot genius: the tater tot casserole. God bless us, everyone.

  • tater tot.jpeg

  • Happy Meatless Monday! A day for which, as you may know, the "abolitionist" animal rights movement has nothing but contempt (I can't write "abolitionist" without quotation marks because it implies that animal rights activists who aren't down with the "abolitionist" approach are somehow not interested in freeing all animals -- not so. I'm also opposed to any form of torture but if we could end waterboarding tomorrow, let's go ahead and do that). Slate has an interesting post on the conflict between the Humane Society and "abolitionists." You should check it out and tell me what you think.
  • Um, McDonald's is opening a few vegetarian-only "restaurants" in India. I have no idea.
  • Here's Alicia Silverstone on vegan dating. I like when she says, "I wasn't vegan before I was vegan," because that's just like me!

  • In Political news (sort of), after his speech last week, Bill Clinton's new nickname is apparently the Vegan Fox. Alright.
  • According to the Toledo Blade, "More Black Americans are Giving up Meat and Dairy." Growing up in Philly, I knew plenty of people of color who were vegan, so this is not surprising to me. I'm glad the article mentions vegan soul food because I totally thought that was normal but then I keep finding soul food spots with no vegan options. Luckily, plenty of them do have vegan options. There's nothing I like more than the buckwheat waffles and a few sides from Gussie's!
  • The San Francisco SPCA is having a Homecoming adoptathon! Free adoptions from September 14th-16th. While I know we're not supposed to do "free to good home" adoptions, I think the SPCA prob knows what it's doing.
  • Speaking of the SF SPCA, I missed this from a few months ago but they did a Portlandia spoof! So for my finale, I present Catlandia:

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Try these vegan shoes to satisfy your appetite for high tops:  They're sort of high tops and def cool.


@vegancook101 are you sure we're not entering the twighlit zone?

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