Tell Us Your Hangover Cure and Become Famous!

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...famous on this blog, at least.

Things got a little wild last night at the Savoy Tivoli during the sendoff party for SF Weekly's former managing editor Alan Scherstuhl (he's moving to NYC to become film editor for all Village Voice publications -- go Alan!). I'm paying for my sins today (including a midnight scarf-down of super-garlicky clam pizza at Golden Boy, always a good call!) and applying one of my usual remedies: a breakfast burrito.

For years I've subscribed to some magical thinking that the starch in the potatoes, the protein from the eggs, and the fat from the cheese and bacon will form together in my stomach to create a hangover-destroying supergroup, and it often does the trick. If it weren't a weekday, I'd probably be chasing it with a bloody Mary or light beer -- though just one, because the worst thing for your hangover is getting drunk again.

But everyone has their own tried-and-true remedies. I'm curious: What's your best hangover cure?

Leave a comment and I'll compile 'em all into a big post next week if I get enough answers. Note: Anyone who answers "not drinking too much in the first place" is automatically disqualified.

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A. 1-2 (1mg) tablets of Klonopin / Clonazepam (Generic) taken the morning after. NOT BEFORE OR DURING ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION is a 99.9% guarantee for a no hangover day. 

B. IV drip "banana bags" administered by a licensed medical professional!!! 

Lance Ramhurst
Lance Ramhurst

It's a pork roll, egg and cheese ... They don't sell them on the west coast. Only if you're lucky to find one.... From new jersey, almost every place in nj has them. Some like it on rye bread, bagels, english muffins, or kaiser rolls. Never met anyone who doesn't enjoy it, unless they are vegatarian of course.


the prescription at @sow fresh juice pop-up.  ingredients: organic apple, orange, celery, kale, mint and parsley. d-lish!

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