Ginger Snaps Super Cookies are Sprouted, Sugar Free, and Addictive

Tamara Palmer
Freeland Foods' Ginger Snaps Super Cookies.
Mountain View's Freeland Foods offers a number of quality raw and gluten-free snack items, including bars, chips, and chocolate, but one product is particularly addictive.

If you told Cook E. Monster that you had a cookie that was sugar-free and made with sprouted items that is difficult to stop eating, you would have received a huge side eye; health cookies aren't sexy. But Freeland's Ginger Snaps Super Cookies magically manage to deliver. They're made of coconut, sprouted sesame seeds, dates, and organic ginger powder -- that's it.

The dates actually give adequate sweetness, but it's the brace of buzzy ginger and the light, crunchy texture that make us crave these and come back for more.

Other varieties such as chocolate aren't as successful -- they taste less sinful, which in our minds is the goal of a successful cookie.

Find 'em online or at Rainbow Grocery.

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