Stop Eating Seafood, Say Topless Mermaid-Costume-Wearing PETA Members

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If you happen to find yourself at Fisherman's Wharf during lunch tomorrow with a hankering for some delicious steamed crab or clam chowder, you might get more than you've bargained for - our news editor Erin Sherbert reports on The Snitch that PETA will be on hand wearing mermaid fins and little else (nary even the seashell bra of Ariel in The Little Mermaid), protesting the consumption of seafood on the grounds that fish have feelings.

Hop over to our news blog to learn PETA's rationale for the protest, which will include the topless protestors holding signs that read "Sea Life, Not Seafood."

What do you think -- will you keep eating seafood even in light of the evidence, or does it make you feel like the murderous chef trying to cook Sebastian in the aforementioned Disney picture?

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Fish are likely as capable of suffering as dogs and cats, yet when they're pulled from the ocean, the decompression often painfully destroys their organs, or else they suffocate on the boat or are cut open while still conscious. I don't see how I can support that behavior towards living, feeling beings. Please take a look at PETA'S site,

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