SF Homebrewers Guild Launches a Presidential Competition

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Regardless of your political preferences, it's time to reach across the aisle. The SF Homebrewers Guild is launching a brewing competition of Presidential proportions. For those who aren't dialed into the nuances of political theater, the White House recently released a document of paramount national importance: the White House Honey Ale homebrew recipe. That's right -- for roughly $35 worth of ingredients from SF Brewcraft, you can brew up five gallons of Obama's favorite Presidential aide, and pit it against other Bay Area brewers for a chance to win.

SFoodie has been coordinating with SF Homebrewers Guild President and Founder Chris Cohen, who has graciously allowed us to play Brewmaster's Assistant as he creates his personal competition entry. In the coming weeks we'll be reporting on the brewing process and the final competition results, which will be revealed mere days before the Presidential election.

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This bi-partisan, honey-kissed competition will take place on November 3rd (location TBD), so interested brewers need to fire up the kettle soon (contest submissions are due on October 31st). Each entrant must supply a couple gallons of their honey ale, so the event will double as a homebrew bottle share. Naturally, brewers are encouraged to bring and share their other beery creations as well. In addition to the beer competition, prizes will be awarded for the best homemade label design, so dust off those political cartoons you drew in college.

For more information about competition entry, rules and event ticket purchases, join the SFHG email list here. If not for yourself, do it for your country.

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Brewcraft of San Francisco

1555 Clement, San Francisco, CA

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You can stay updated on the SFHG Presidential Honey Ale Competition on the SFHG website: http://sfhomebrewersguild.com/ or write to the President of the SFHG at sfhomebrewersguild@gmail.com! @sfhomebrewg


@Beer47 @jdhowa2 you doing this? RT @SFBayCraftBeer @sfoodie: SF Homebrewers Guild Launches a Presidential Competition http://t.co/lKNuGLUC


@Beer47 are you doing this? RT @SFBayCraftBeer @sfoodie: SF Homebrewers Guild Launches a Presidential Competition http://t.co/lKNuGLUC

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