New S.F. Culinary School Will Offer Classes for Non-Professionals Too

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It's been six weeks since the folks responsible for the San Francisco Cooking School announced their plans to launch a modern and contemporary culinary program this fall, right here in the city. They have been accepting applications for culinary and pastry courses to begin in winter of 2013 with promises of an updated and more user-friendly curriculum, doing away with the antiquated toque-wearing and sprig-of-parsley-garnishing lessons of yesteryear in favor of a chef-driven curriculum and required externship in top Bay Area restaurants.

Backed with a super star set of talented deans, advisors, and instructors from notable restaurants all over the city (seriously, the list is insane -- and includes luminaries from State Bird Provisions, Absinthe, Delfina, Coi, Frances, 4505 Meats, and more), SFCS is on track to raise the bar and re-set the standard for cooking schools nationwide. It also offers a part-time program (two nights a week and on Saturdays) for aspiring culinary professionals who don't want to give up their day jobs just yet.

Even if you don't have professional aspirations, you may rejoice in knowing that the SFCS has plans to host a number of book signings, food events, and a variety of cooking classes for home cooks as well. Learn everything you need to know about macaroons in a five-hour class with Tartine's Laurie Ellen Pelicano, or the basics of cooking in a three-part series with SFCS co-founder and long-time chef instructor Jodi Liano, or attend a book signing and demonstration with local chef-lebrity Matthew Accarrino of SPQR. Whatever foodie feat you may be into learning these days, it appears our Bay Area culinary community just got a whole lot brighter.

Check out the full list of classes and register on the SFCS blog, or check out the whole culinary program on the website.

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Tartine Bakery

600 Guerrero, San Francisco, CA

Category: Restaurant


1911 Fillmore St., San Francisco, CA

Category: Restaurant

State Bird Provisions

1529 Fillmore St., San Francisco, CA

Category: Restaurant

Absinthe Brasserie & Bar

398 Hayes, San Francisco, CA

Category: Restaurant


3621 18th St., San Francisco, CA

Category: Restaurant

Coi Restaurant

373 Broadway, San Francisco, CA

Category: Restaurant


3870 17th St., San Francisco, CA

Category: Restaurant

4505 Meats

1 Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA

Category: Restaurant

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Cooking schools are second only to Academy of Art University and DeVry University for being complete and utter scams.


You start cooking by working at the bottom rung of the kitchen. With cooking schools, you will still start at the bottom rung, but you'll have $50K in student debt hanging over your head too.

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