Magic Curry Kart Introduces Yellow Curry Paste

Tamara Palmer
Yellow curry is the newest flavor of Magic Curry Kart paste.
It's been three and a half years since Brian Kimball first took to the Mission streets with his Magic Curry Kart. In the years since, Kimball has formalized his business and expanded into retail with a line of fiery chili sauces and curry pastes. His latest product is a turmeric-heavy spicy Thai yellow curry paste, which joins his already-established red and green varieties. Potent and versatile, we've had luck sneaking these pastes into soups, eggs, burgers, and pasta in addition to more traditional curries.

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Currently available at the Haight-Ashbury and Noe Valley locations of Whole Foods Market, Kimball is hoping to take his prepared foods to the next level by applying for the grocery chain's local producer loan program. If accepted, he'll receive a loan and production/distribution assistance that will allow him to scale up and sell at all Northern California Whole Foods locations. He's also targeting the Bay Area's fine independent grocery stores and co-ops.

Kimball has been enjoying working with a new business partner who, like Kimball, is a new father. "It's been really nice working with someone with similar challenges and goals to do the best they can for their family," he says. The two have been testing out recipes for more new products.

The products have fun new label designs to help streamline the brand identity, and Kimball is also working on new merchandise. He is reviving his line of Magic Panties that he debuted in 2010, and as a nod to fatherhood, he'll also offer Magic Onesies.

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