Hey S.F., Stop Throwing Your Food Containers in the Gutter

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To be fair, if we were given McDonald's coffee we might throw it on the ground too.
Today our news blog The Snitch alerted us to a new Travel + Leisure list (of which we always wait with bated breath) that ranked our beautiful metropolis the 11th dirtiest city in the country. Even D.C. is cleaner! And the purported cause of all our filth and trash? T+L cites a 2011 study that found the biggest cause of pollutants in the bay was empty food containers, most commonly fast food. Whoops.

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This comes on the heels of another study released this week that claims nearly half of Californians will be obese by 2030 if we don't change our non-exercising, doughnut-burger-eating ways.

Neither piece of news reflects the super-local, organic, sustainable, compostable, yadda yadda yadda food culture we've come to know and love around here. So let's clean up our act, so we can be named at the top of the only list that matters: being the best goddam food city in the country.

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