Faux Gras, Vegan Junior Mints, and Zucchini Bread with the Vegan Zombie!

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  • I hope you all made it to Hella Vegan Eats' pop-up brunch over the weekend! How would you like them to have a vegan food truck running about town? Hint: you would totally like it! That's why you should support Hella Vegan Eats and help them get a legit food truck going. Vegan food trucks are so hot right now. So hot.
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  • Are you in a seitan-rut? Here's a rundown of 9 Exotic Fake Meats to break you out of your mock-meat shell! One product mentioned is Faux Gras, a vegan pâté from NYC that's pretty much the greatest thing ever. Highly addictive.
  • Speaking of meat-substitutes, sales are up in the UK! It appears that "semi-vegetarians" are the driving force. Meat-eaters are getting adventurous, I suppose.
  • As my grandpa recently commented, zucchini farmers are a generous people. If you grow zucchini, you know exactly what he means. What to do with all that wacky squash? How about you make some vegan zucchini bread with the Vegan Zombie!

  • An NPR blog post considers the question: Do Vegetarians And Vegans Think They Are Better Than Everyone Else? Warning: sad dead piggy pic will accost you but it's a good read. The writer's conclusion after consulting A-list vegans Bruce Friedrich and Colleen Patrick-Goudreau is pretty interesting:
    It's clear to me that Friedrich and Patrick-Goudreau believe not that they are better people than meat-eaters, but instead that their dietary practices are better for animals, and for our world as a whole, than the habits of meat-eaters. Why do many people so readily confuse these two things?
    What do you think? You don't have to believe that one person is better than another to believe one decision can be better than another. I mean, if you have a glass bottle, recycling it is a better decision than throwing it in the trash, right?
  • How do you feel about justice? I'm all for it, myself. That's why I'm pleased to inform you that there have been two convictions resulting from Mercy For Animals' Butterball cruelty investigation. You mean you can't torture "food animals" without consequences? Huzzah!
  • If there's one thing I loved in my pre-vegan days, it was Junior Mints. Those little mofos are so good! And the perfect movie candy, am I right? This is why I was so excited when I came upon this vegan Junior Mint recipe from Wayfaring Teacher. Let's all make these now and sneak them into the movies!

  • In super happy news: Ben the bear is free from his concrete cage! He's now happily splashing around at the Performing Animal Welfare Society sanctuary in San Andreas. Boy does he like to splash around!

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