E&O Asian Kitchen Serves an Irresistible Cookie Bucket

Tamara Palmer
Ginger cookies at E&O Asian Kitchen.
Sometimes, a truly great cookie can be elevated further by truly great presentation. The dessert menu at E&O Asian Kitchen humbly lists one dessert as "warm ginger cookies," but what you won't discover until it lands on the table is that the cookies are served in a silver bucket.

Some people might find food in a bucket offensive, a poke at your pig-out, but Cook E. Monster is delighted at this particular serving vehicle. Of course, this wouldn't mean anything if the cookies weren't excellent. They've got a rich flavor that's suggestive of molasses and are soft, and slightly spicy. They pleasingly fall-apart at the many crackly points that arise, offering a nice textural balance.

The cookies are also available packaged to go, but they probably will not make it that far -- even though they're large and you get five of them to an order.

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E&O Asian Kitchen

314 Sutter, San Francisco, CA

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