Drink of the Week: Cool Hand Luke Fizz at Txoko

Lou Bustamante
Some drinks are natural born thirst-shakers.

At Txoko, bar manager Jason Brown's Cool Hand Luke Fizz ($11, Fighting Cock Bourbon, Mexican Coca Cola, egg whites, Peychaud's bitters) is a perfect blend of soda fountain nostalgia and whiskey & coke's bracing simplicity. The cocktail tastes like a cross between an egg cream and coke float, with the bourbon complimenting the whole mix with woodsy vanilla flavors.

Brown's drink pay homage to the 1967 movie of the same name starring Paul Neman as a "genuine son of a bitch" who gets sent to a work camp in Florida for cutting off the parking meter heads in a small town. His clashes with the camp staff make him a hero with the other prisoners who admire his nonconformity, despite ending up in the "box" often.

Every ingredient in the drink refers to some aspect of the movie. Brown explained that the whiskey references Paul Newman's character. "He is a rather kick ass hard-nosed individual, hence Fighting Cock Bourbon," he noted. The egg whites reference an egg eating contest scene in the movie, and the soda because it's frequently used to make bets. Conceptually, it's a fantastic drink that delivers equally in enjoyment and flavor.

Cool Hand Luke Fizz

2 oz. Fighting Cock Bourbon
1 oz. egg whites
4 heavy dashes Peychaud's Bitters

Combine bourbon, bitters, and egg whites and shake without ice (also called a "dry" shake) to combine. Add ice to shaker and shake again and double strain into a Collins glass (no ice); top with cold Mexican Coke. Add the a few drops of bitters to frothy head to garnish.

Txoko, 504 Broadway (at Kearny), 500-2744

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Typo city... Might be good to enlist some more experienced proofers...


@thevillagedrunk @SFoodie @TxokoSF i'll take that challenge


@themayorpete @txokosf Sounds like a Cocktail Week main event to me!


@thevillagedrunk @TxokoSF haha. not going to as many events as i would have liked....next week is also @dreamforce.

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