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Tamara Palmer
Main Street Candy Bar, a Long Island import.
Russian Hill's most notorious drug dealer is probably the Candy Store, a small shop that packs a potent mix of nostalgic penny sweets, regional and international candy bars, and artisan splurges.

The selection is so discerning that there's usually no need to gush about how good something is, so we took note when a sign for the Main Street Candy Bar ($8) read, "Best bar ever!"

The bar is made by Main Street Bakery Cafe in Port Washington, NY and is only available there and on the cafe's website, but the Candy Store discovered it and became so enamored that Main Street eventually gave in to the begging to sell it in San Francisco. The neighborhood is officially addicted now, and orders have to be placed for re-ups twice a week.

What has people hooked? It's basically a brick of macadamia and cashews encased in caramel with layers of chocolate ganache studded with caramelized puffed rice, and graham cracker crumbs that's been bathed in dark chocolate and topped with Hawaiian lava salt.

Intimidated by snarfling down something so pricey, we cut ours into $2 slices, but then ate $4 worth of it at a time. It's definitely a bakery confection -- a bit messy, with a tendency to separate into its layers. The caramel has the consistency of soft butterscotch, not as luxurious as what an artisan candy maker might create, but the chocolate ganache is rich and satisfying.

Is it the best bar ever? No, but we're still getting a little twitchy wondering when we'll get our next fix.

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@candyblog have you tried @doubledutchyum’s ramona bar? my fave!


@candyblog great pics. discovered your blog a few months ago. well done.

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