Cut Above: Machine Deli's Breakfast Sandwiches and House-Cured Meats

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Anna Roth
The folks behind Foreign Cinema and Show Dogs opened the wee coffee shop/sandwich stand Machine Coffee & Deli a few weeks ago, next to Show Dogs at the corner of Sixth and Market. The Four Barrel coffee is a draw, but there's one other thing that caught our attention: Daily rotating breakfast sandwiches.

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A decent breakfast sandwich is easy to find, but a great one is rare. We're happy to report that the special we sampled today was a beauty. Egg, thick-cut bacon, and melty manchego cheese set inside a gently toasted ciabatta bun for a bite that was satisfying and not too heavy. ($5 for the sandwich; $7 for the sandwich and coffee.)

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Anna Roth

We didn't make it earlier in the week to sample the three-day run of pastrami breakfast tacos, but they look delicious and we hope they make an appearance again (watch the Twitter feed for daily specials).

Around 11 a.m. the stand switches to lunch mode, where they offer a mix-and-match menu of house-cured meats (the usual deli cuts, plus interesting options like pork tenderloin), breads, cheeses, and sauces like Bearnaise mayo and onion chutney. We love the sound of the Jigsaw, with smoked chicken, cilantro, sweet chili aoili, toasted peanuts, and Thai vinaigrette ($10).

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