Basil Strawberry Shortcake, Animal Hugs, and the Nanny Cooks Vegan!

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  • Guys, I don't care what you say, I love Fran Drescher. The Nanny is a quality program. That's why I'm very pleased to hear she's gone vegan! Diet-wise at least. Below, check out good Fran making hummus. I'm hoping this is the beginning of her own vegan cooking show! Genius idea, right? I know.

  • Make way for your food porn of the week! Do you know what this is, my friends? Basil strawberry shortcake! I know, right?! I can't even. Can you make this and invite me over for some sort of tea party? I'll dress in the appropriate tea-party-casual, I swear. The majority of my wardrobe is tea-party-casual.

  • basil_shortcake.png

  • I have a lot of events for you this week. For example, there's an all-vegan DishCrawl event in Berkeley tomorrow! There's only a handful of tickets left so get on that. And then be prepared to throw down, because we all know Berkeley has some good vegan eats.
  • How far would you travel to hug farm animals? How about SoCal?! On September 29th (also known as my big bro's birthday! Boy is he old), Farm Sanctuary's Animal Acres (just outside of L.A.) is having Hug a Farm Animal Day. Let's go! I need hugs.
  • In events that are a bit further away, awesome vegan coat company Vaute Couture will be in S.F. this November, on tour with their new coats! Hopefully that means the founder, Leanne, will be there because I can tell you from personal experience that she's the sweetest. Like, ever. So if you can, you should definitely stop by this pop-up. It's going to be at VegNews headquarters! They have office dogs there, I've seen them on Instagram. If you can't wait until November, coats are available for preorder on the Vaute Couture site now.
  • Are you an In-N-Out Burger fan? What if they offered a veggie burger?! Why, that'd be the best ever! If you want to see that dream become a reality, you can start by signing this petition.
  • On the ad beat, the SF SPCA has teamed up with G2 to make some really cute ads for kitten season (the time of year every shelter is flooded with kittens). I like this one. How much do you want to carry around a kitten like this?!

  • KittenCarrier_large.jpeg

  • Finally, speaking of the SF SPCA, what are you doing on the 30th? Sunday, September 30th, they are having a street party! It's called Dogma and it'll be held from noon to 4pm on Octavia street between Hayes and Fell. You can bring your pet and enter the talent competition! Dude, you would get so much street cred if your dog won that.

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Yes! In-N-Out NEEDS a veggie burger. Good for the planet, people, and animals!

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