Website Claims West Coast Has Only Invented Three Sandwiches (Are They Right?)

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The good people at Serious Eats have put together a thorough guide to all of the sandwiches of the world (so big it's split into two editions: American and International). There are beautiful sandwich-porn photos and a fascinating rundown of the international language of stuff-between-two-slices-of-bread. For example, did you know that South Africans favor a variation on the submarine called the Gatsby that often features French fries? Now you do.

One thing troubles us, however. In the American edition, the West Coast is only credited with three sandwiches: the French Dip, the Monte Cristo, and S.F.'s own Dutch Crunch. The Northeast alone has 16 to its name. Is it just that other regions of the country had a hundred years or more on us for sandwich innovation, and all the sandwiches had been invented by the time the West was settled? Or did the New York-based Serious Eats miss a few?

There've gotta be more than three, but damned if we can think of them. Maybe the California Powerhouse at Stately Sandwiches, but we've never seen that on a menu. Can you think of any more? Let's brainstorm and show the East Coast what we've got!

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Heavy Taste
Heavy Taste

For starters: the Egg McMuffin...ha ha. Also, guessing any sort of Wrap.

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