Taylor's Tonics Unveils The Fizzary Soda Pop & Candy Shop

Tamara Palmer
The Fizzary Soda Pop & Candy Shop opened on August 27.
The Fizzary opened on August 27 in the Mission District, where it shares a block with Mission Pie.

Nostalgic candies beckon from tables around the room. The varied confectionery assortment offers things like swirled candy sticks in flavors that veer toward the grown up (horehound), Necco wafers in unusual varieties like mint julep to taffy (frosted cupcake flavor is new to us), and even those hard-to-find, bad-message-sending candy cigarettes that we remember smoking as a kid. We also spotted some new treats like salt and lime-flavored Pop Rocks, but we had to save some pocket change to contemplate the avalanche of sodas.

The soda inventory includes 800 bottled varieties (no aluminum), and flavors are conveniently grouped in walls together. Many are regional varieties that can't be found even within BevMo's admittedly decent selection of sodas, as well as some that would probably have a hard time finding a mass audience these days (Judge Wapner's root beer soda, we're looking at you; ditto, Ouzo soda). Sodas are all $2 apiece and there are volume discounts ($16 for 12, for example). This can be a great deal if you choose wisely since many of the sodas retail for more than $2.

The Fizzary is the first retail shop for local soda company Taylor's Tonics, which offers original flavors like Chai Cola, Maté Mojito (a pineapple and coconut colada with yerba maté), and Cola Azteca (cayenne, espresso, and cinnamon). Now that they've gotten some 800 varieties of sodas in from other places, company partner Aaron Dolson shares that they're inspired to make more of their own new flavors. One idea in development is a sugar and caffeine free soda with floral notes from jasmine.

A 1500-square foot event space in the back is currently being worked on. Dolson says the space might be used for a variety of events; current ideas on the docket include a fashion show and a knitting circle, but there's also a DJ booth and disco ball in the back.

The Fizzary Soda Pop & Candy Shop 2949 Mission (at 25th St.), (877) 368-4608

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