Today in Future News: Scary Robot Chefs and Laser Knives

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Guys. GUYS. Red-and-white noodle-slicing robots are taking over the kitchens in Bejing.

They have flashing yellow eyes and breastplates (because if you're designing a noodle-slicing robot, why not?) and were invented by an evil scientist noodle restauranteur Cui Runguan, who laments that "the young people don't want to work as chef to slice noodles." His robots apparently work on the same back-and-forth sweeping motion as a windshield wiper, and customers don't seem to mind the difference. [via BonApp]

This comes on the heels of BLITZ, a Russian company's laser-powered chopping machine that's up for a James Dyson design award. BLITZ is a small, almost-cute countertop pod aimed at home cooks that replaces all those pesky knife skills like dicing and julienne with lasers. You can program it to do pretty much whatever you need, from pitting stone fruit, slicing cheese and peeling hard-boiled eggs to stamping smiley faces and other decorative elements on your food.

Also, as Megan Rascal mentioned in today's Week in Vegan, we're getting ever-closer to being able to print our own meat at home (prototypes also exist for 3-D printing of chocolate and burritos).

The future is here. We don't know whether to be stoked or terrified.

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