The Best Things We're Eating and Drinking at Outside Lands: Day 2

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We're eating like crazy at Outside Lands and bringing you the good and the bad. Check out yesterday's recommendations for fried pickles, Outside Lands saison beer, Malaysian nachos, and more.

Lamb Poutine from The Whole Beast

lamb poutine outside lands.jpg
Anna Roth
Make trek up to Michael Mina's John Fink's pop-up at Outside Lambs for this meaty and satisfying take on the Canadian specialty. The handcut fries are just the right ratio of crispy/potato-y and garnished with lamb gravy and salty white cheese. We would have liked maybe another handful of medium-rare lamb chunks, but the lamb that did come with it was tender and not too gamey, and the gravy coated the fries in wonderful sauce that had us licking our fingers when we were done. The gyro from the same stand had well-seasoned meat, but fell apart when we tried to eat it. -Anna Roth

Chocolate-Dipped Caramel Corn by DeLessio Market & Bakery

Tamara Palmer
The two locations of DeLessio Market & Bakery are known for having fun with chocolate; this is the place to go if you want shards of chocolate shaped like bubble wrap, for example. The DeLessio stand in the charming Choco Lands nook of the festival is selling bags of pleasingly salty caramel corn drizzled in dark chocolate. Each kernel has a different amount of chocolate; some are encased while others just have a few swipes, so every bite is different and there's no real desire to cherry pick. We went from thinking the bag was really big to wondering what happened to the rest of it. -Tamara Palmer

Baja Shrimp Ceviche from Pacific Catch

shrimp ceviche outside lands.jpg
Raw fish at a music festival feels like a recipe for disaster. But we saw several people holding a plate of ceviche (and the day before had been handed a sample of fat ahi poke) and figured, in this case, we'd join the wisdom of the crowd. And we were so glad we did, because this was the perfect remedy to fatty festival food. The shrimp was still firm but well "cooked" in its citrusy, garlicky sauce -- it hadn't gotten to the mealy stage of ceviche yet -- and the sauce was so fresh and tasty that we dipped chips and accompanying sweet potato fries into it long after the shrimp was gone. -Anna Roth

Ricotta artichoke sandwich by Luella

Tamara Palmer
How many music festivals around the country can boast of sandwiches made with homemade cheese? Luella makes its own ricotta, which it presently serves with grilled asparagus at the Russian Hill restaurant. But there's a different use for it this weekend, where it's the key complement for the marinated and chopped artichoke hearts in the toasty warm vegetarian sandwich it's offering at Outside Lands. The cheese is smooth in consistency rather than comprised of the comparatively stiff curds that are typically found in the grocery store. A slather of that, a sprinkle of arugula, and enough artichoke bits to spill out of the first few bites is all anchored by a grilled roll that's just slightly toothier than the soft/crisp rolls that envelop a po' boy sandwich. Passersby stopped us, wanting to know what it was and where to get it. -Tamara Palmer

Korean Tacos from Namu Gaji

korean tacos outside lands.jpg
Anna Roth
The sign boasted these were "the original Korean tacos," and we stopped in because we were on our way to Sigur Ros and there was a short line. Unlike the Korean tacos made by Kogi down in L.A., these were on seaweed instead of tortillas and had sushi-like rice instead of seaoned rice or beans. They were simple but flavorful, especially the short rib version, and I could see enjoying them in a restaurant. But the seaweed had gotten totally soggy by the time we found a place to sit and eat, and we had no napkins so it got a little ugly. -Anna Roth

Grilled Cheese from American Grilled Cheese Kitchen

grilled cheese outside lands.jpg
Anna Roth
This all-grilled-cheese restaurant has been turning out adult versions of the kid favorite to much critical acclaim, but we still wondered: How good could a regular grilled cheese sandwich be? And was it worth $7? Well, this was one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches we've ever had in our lives, and that's only partially because we were a few beers in. Thick sourdough bread makes its presence felt without taking over the dish, and when you bite in a just-right amount of ooze comes out from the cheddar. Make it fancier with tomatoes, bacon, and all manner of other add-ins, but we were satisfied with the sandwich alone. -Anna Roth

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