Move Over, Glee: Foodies! The Musical Is Here

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Foodies David Goodwin, Sarah Hauter, Deborah Russo, and Kim Larsen.
Where: The Shelton Theater, 533 Sutter (at Powell), 433-3040
When: Preview performances Sept. 28-29, Oct. 5; show runs Fridays and Saturdays from Oct. 6-Nov. 17
Cost: $30 for previews; $34 general (purchase via Brown Paper Tickets)

The rundown:
Billed as "the show for everyone who eats," this should be the show for everyone who eats and enjoys hearing lighthearted songs about eating. It's a musical comedy written by Morris Bobrow, creator of Shopping! The Musical, and the actors from that production (David Goodwin, Sarah Hauter, Deborah Russo, Scott Gessford, and Kim Larsen) return to sing and pontificate about this ubiquitous obsession. Expect a thorough skewering of "eating habits, restaurants, trends, quirks, and more," including Yelp reviews, dietary restrictions, cooking shows, overzealous food writers, Groupon, eating in the car, food trucks, food critics, and other aspects of the food scene.

Songs include "Organ-ick," about the hangups people have around eating certain types of foods like tongue, brains and lungs; "Food Truck Guy," about a woman who's so in love with a food truck owner that she hangs around his truck all day trying to get his attention; and "Coffee," about one man's quest to find a plain cup of drip coffee.

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Shelton Theater

533 Sutter, San Francisco, CA

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