Honey Badger Don't Care That It Inspired Some BBQ Sauce

Honey Badger BBQ Sauce
A video posted on YouTube called "The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger," a witty parody of a National Geographic wildlife documentary, has garnered more than 48 million views since January 2011 and officiated a meme and catchphrase: "Honey badger don't care!" More recently, it has inspired a new line of barbecue sauce from San Francisco.

Honey Badger BBQ Sauce comes in a container that looks like a honey bear but is actually a vicious creature holding a snake and snarling, which is pretty much what the honey badger does in the YouTube video. The sauce has a honey and habanero pepper base, and there's also a limited edition "triple cobra strength" version that is only fit for humans with a badass capacity for extreme hot sauce.

As of this writing, a Kickstarter campaign to get Honey Badger BBQ Sauce off the ground has raised $33,735 of a $40,000 goal. The money will help with the costs of creating the packaging and a production line. The project will be funded if it reaches the goal on or before August 31. And if successful, Honey Badger BBQ Sauce should hit the marketplace shortly after.

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I make a bbq sauce called Honey Badger's Illegal BBQ sauce.

My website is www.honeybadgerbbqsauce.com. The Honey badger meme definitely inspired me to name my sauce after it as well.

I'm bummed that the Kickstarter boys decided to go ahead with their version of a honey badger sauce, even though my sauce has been in production and for sale for several years now.


@aerogenevieve RT @eatstreetfood Honey Badger Don't Care That It Inspired Some BBQ Sauce http://t.co/U3s2mJEg via @sfoodie


Woot! So awesome to see my friends getting press :) @HoneyBadgerBBQ @thedapperdiner @eatstreetfood @sfoodie


@SFoodie we like this idea plus they are outta #SanFrancisco!!!

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