Ditch Hamburgers, Eat Ice Cream Bars, and Love These Piglets!

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  • If you want to help fight world hunger, Oxfam has a suggestion: Eat less meat! In the wake of the USDA's cowardly retraction of its endorsement of Meatless Monday, Oxfam responds with resounding support for the movement, claiming it would help end world hunger in a number of ways. Happy Meatless Monday!

  • oxfamgrow.jpeg

    From Oxfam's GROW initiative.

  • XO Jane has a pretty gross post about veganism by a self-identified vegan working hard not to be an "asshole vegan." I could barely read it. It's like, "but guys, I'm the COOL vegan! Love me, please!" It reminds me of those women who make jokes about how annoying women are in a transparent attempt to pander to some male audience that thinks feminism is a drag. It's just a big attempt to distinguish the writer from those vegans. Try to read it, tell me what you think. Or skip it, you won't miss anything.
  • If there's one thing vegans love, it's nooch! That's everyone's pet name for nutritional yeast. I am actually kind of new to nooch so I'm happy to share this list of 20 ways to use the stuff.
  • Here's a wonderfully illustrated video: The Hidden Costs of Hamburgers by the Center for Investigative Reporting. I like how they say it would be super-benificial to the planet if everyone refrained from eating meat AND CHEESE one day a week. If we want to make a dent, it should be Meatless and Cheeseless Monday. But people are so delicate about these things, ready to duck back into their shells. Maybe someday though people won't act like abstaining from meat and cheese one day a week is akin kicking smack.
  • If you've been want for Café Gratitude drama, my friends at Vegansaurus have some gossip for you! It appears the restaurant left a bit more disaster in their wake.
  • From The Sweet Life, chocolate dipped peanut butter ice cream bars! These are described as, "a vegan lovechild between a drumstick and peanut butter cup." Those are like all my favorite words. Well, almost all, if there were "a vegan lovechild between a drumstick, a peanut butter cup, and vodka," then it would really be all my favorite words. I'm not sure how it would taste, though.

  • icecreampop.jpg

  • A new Gallup poll reports that 2 percent of respondents consider themselves vegan. Dang! Another interesting discovery is that many people who identified as vegan did not identify as vegetarian. I hadn't thought of it, but I'd do the same thing I think. I consider veganism and vegetarianism quite different and I would never define myself with the latter.
  • For a sad story with a happy ending, look no further than these piglets at Farm Sanctuary! Their mother Julia was a breeding sow, severely brutalized by a worker (that's the pork industry for you!). Luckily, she was rescued by a few organizations and is now at Farm Sanctuary. Shortly after her rescue, she gave birth to SIXTEEN piglets! Here are Julia's piglets meeting a calf whose mother was also recently rescued while preggers. They're all, "Hey! You're a funny-lookin' piglet!" Silly babies. Can't tell a calf from a piglet.

  • piglets.jpeg

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