Bar Tartine's Lentil Croquette Sandwich Offers a Healthier Alternative to Falafel

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Tamara Palmer
Lentil croquette sandwich at Bar Tartine.
Bar Tartine opened a daytime sandwich annex on Aug. 1 featuring snacks, soups, salads, and sandwiches including miniature Danish open-face rye smørrebrød sandwiches; items are priced around $5-18.

This menu is mercurial by nature and has already undergone some permutations in the first couple of weeks, but hopefully some form of the lentil croquette sandwich will stick around for at least another minute. Ours came spiked with padron peppers and dressed with cucumbers and cooling yogurt.

The croquettes don't take a bath in hot oil so they're a lighter and healthier alternative to fried falafel. Unlike their chickpea rival, they are filling in the way that doesn't make you hate life for the rest of the afternoon. Of course the bread (here a sourdough, but the croquettes have also been served on a sesame-kamut slab since opening day) is heavenly, as one might expect from one of the city's leading bakers.

Ask about possible daily specials on bread, including new loaves made with ancient grains (the subject of owner/baker Chad Robertson's next book). Right now there might be one type on offer each day, with full bread sales expected to start in the fall. Bar Tartine's sandwich shop is open Wednesday through Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

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