Batter Up Fries Oreos Into Something Enjoyable

Tamara Palmer
Deep-fried Oreos at Batter Up.
A confession: Cook E. Monster does not like Oreos. The chocolate cookies do not taste like chocolate and the white filling in between the not-chocolate cookies does not taste like something that should be edible.

But we had heard that they could fry almost anything at Batter Up and we wondered if that also meant cookies. And you know what? Turns out, if you batter some Oreos and give them a hot oil bath, it's a whole different ballgame.

Once it's hit that oil, that inedible filling melts down into something tolerable, enjoyable even, and that not-chocolate-y cookie gets a little bit cake-like.

Big upgrade. Huge. Sure, it might hasten your death, but it'll be delicious.

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Batter Up

888 Geneva Ave., San Francisco, CA

Category: Restaurant

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