Airport Report: Greek Salad from Napa Farms Market

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Anna Roth
By now many San Franciscans have had the chance to enjoy the culinary charms of SFO's year-old Terminal Two, but I just have to gush for a second on the delightful Greek Chicken Salad I had last weekend from Napa Farms Market.

I didn't expect much from an airport salad, no matter how much I'd heard about the market's commitment to local and sustainable ingredients, but the chicken was moist and buttery, the produce was fresh and flavorful, and there was just enough feta to make it seem like an indulgence.

Turns out it was super-local, too: The delicious chicken came from Mary's Free-Range Chickens in the San Joaquin Valley, the mixed greens from Field Fresh Farms in Watsonville, and the rest of the produce from farms in Marin and Yolo counties. In fact, the only two non-California ingredients were the feta (from Wisconsin) and the imported kalamata olives.

It was a salad I would have enjoyed in a restaurant, and it almost felt like one -- I worked on my laptop using the airport's free Wi-Fi as I waited for my flight, enjoying live music from singer-songwriter Okie Rosette, and nearly forgot I was in an airport at all.

SFO, you're doing us proud.

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Napa Farms Market

SFO's Terminal 2, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

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Yes, I'll second that recommendation, the seating area is a little hectic but manageable.

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