New Veg Venue Coming to Oakland, Ditch Meat to Save Water, and Happy Pot de Crème Day!

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  • Happy holiday, everyone! That's right, once again it is National Pot de Crème Day. So for today's Meatless Monday, I suggest you get down with some vegan Pot de Crème--if only for purely patriotic reasons. La Spelonca Vegetariana has a lovely looking raw recipe you could try.
  • Hey vegetarians! Don't want cows to be killed but still want to eat your beloved cheese? Looks like you've got a dilemma! PETA has a handy infographic to help.

  • cow_life_span.png

  • In case you forgot, water scientists are back to remind you: you eat meat, everyone else starves. As the Guardian tells us, "animal protein-rich food consumes five to 10 times more water than a vegetarian diet." With water resources being scarce, lead water scientists say we need to significantly reduce our meat consumption if we are going to feed the growing population. OK, people are starving. But don't they know bacon tastes good?! What about that, Science?!
  • Oh hi, beer-loving veggies! Oakland's Beer Revolution is opening an all-veg eatery next door. OMG have you ever heard of anything so perfect? According to my friends at Vegansaurus: "It's going to be called Old Depot Public House, they'll serve 'European food,' and it'll open sometime in the early fall." As a vegan European-American, I couldn't be more stoked!
  • This crazy bird uses a bit of bread to catch a giant fish! What if the bird isn't fishing at all and she's just like, "I'm just feeding the fishies! Oh, you're filming? Look, this is my favorite fish! What? EAT HIM?! NO WAY HE'S MY FAVORITE!"
  • After a recent heart attack, Rosie O'Donnell is the latest celebrity to adopt a plant-based diet. She announced her new diet to the Twitter world last week. Go on, girl!
  • In light of a recent Compassion Over Killing undercover investigation, the feds temporarily shut down a California meat company. You can watch the story on ABC. It's disturbing. And they were totally selling downer cows to the public.
  • This week in cute, that lovable Yao Ming has been hanging out with baby elephants! The b-ball star visited an elephant orphanage with WildAid. These poor babies have lost parents to the evil ivory trade. This baby ele pictured with Yao Ming is only two weeks old. He wears a blanket because his skin is too thin at this age to keep him warm. To see more pics and learn more, check Yao Ming's blog. This is my favorite picture though because I like to pretend Yao Ming is a regular-sized guy and that's the tiniest elephant in the world!

    Photo by Kristian Schmidt for WildAid

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topjobsman topcommenter

Water scientists have a point but people are not starving because of cows. As recent new reports have stated, the U.S. wastes 40% of the food we buy. The problem of starvation has to do with the inequitable distribution of food and inefficient use of food, not a lack of water.


Water scientists should also point out that industry wastes a great deal of water, and that the most wasteful is probably agriculture. That has to do with the pricing policy on water, where farmers pay orders of magnitude less for a gallon than, say, urban dwellers. 


Of course, we should conserve water. But water shortage is not the leading cause of starvation!


 @topjobsman I'm aware there's no food shortage in the US (though people are starving), but I don't think that's true elsewhere. I agree though there are multiple causes of most problems!


topjobsman topcommenter

 @meganrascal The sad truth is that the US can feed all the world's starving population from current production, provided we don't waste.


As I said, the water scientists have greatly oversimplified the problem. We know, for example, that people were starving for food before the current water shortages.

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