3 Cooking Techniques to Bring to Your Next BBQ

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Summer might be winding down in the rest of the country, but in S.F. it's just heating up. Get the most out of your next barbecue with these super-helpful cooking videos from around the web.

First up, an awesome older dude schools us on the proper way to eat a watermelon (to him, one serving = one half watermelon). We're not sure about his conspiracy theory that the "fork cartel many years ago sort of brainwashed people into thinking you're supposed to eat watermelon with a fork, just in an attempt to sell forks," but we appreciate his tip to eat bites exactly as one-and-fifteen-sixteenths inches in diameter, as well as his homespun approach to the whole endeavor.

Next, local cooking site CHOW.com's web producer shows us how to spiral-cut a hot dog for the grill. This quick technique creates more surface area for "crispy, caramelized meat goodness," holds condiments better in the nooks and crannies, and just looks rad, which makes it a great conversation piece.

Finally, this method from Saveur's associate food editor for how to get corn off the cob using a bundt pan is pretty brilliant. (Remember, they're the team that brought us that video on how to peel a head of garlic in less than ten seconds, so they know their kitchen shortcuts.)

Enjoy the sunshine!

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