3-D Meat, Cookies and Cream Pops, and Lady Gaga Only Wears the Expensive Animals!

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  • OK, guys, let's just dive in. Lady Gaga has been running around in fur coats lately even though she once said she'd never touch the stuff. I only half care, because like she says herself, it's not much different than the crocodile and lamb she wears otherwise. BUT THEN! She said this:

    I have truly always stayed away from skinned fur, especially [sic] I have never been able to afford a nice one, but this does not mean my morals are rigid and that I won't bend at the sight of an absolute art piece of a coat. I have no chains about this. You see a carcass, I see a museum piece de resistance.

    Essentially, animal rights advocates hate fur because they don't appreciate art and can't afford the nice animal carcasses. Excellent point. She also tells PETA to save their flour to make bread for starving children. For shame! She's walking around in a fur coat, telling someone else how to feed starving children? VOM.

  • What's that? You want vegan cookies and cream popsicles? Of course you do! Go get 'em, pals.

  • cookies_and_cream.jpeg

  • Are eggs as rough on your heart as smoking? I can't tell, too much science in the way. Maybe you can figure it out and let me know. Though, regardless, "not as bad as smoking" shouldn't be our measure of health. The moral of the story is eggs aren't good for you.
  • I'm sure you must have heard about this Pussy Riot scandal/human rights catastrophe; well, turns out one of the band members, Maria Alekhina, is vegan. As Russian prisons don't serve vegan food, people fear Alekhina is not receiving proper nurishment--particularly since she collapsed in a court appearance. PETA is not pleased and neither is Alicia Silverstone. The actress sent a letter to Putin asking him to provide vegan food for the band member. What do you think? Is it your right to have vegan food in jail?
  • In other Alicia Silverstone news, she's teamed up with Farm Sanctuary for their Compassionate Communities campaign. While I love A.S., this video needs more fuzzy animals. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that all videos need more fuzzy animals.

  • In meat science, Paypal cofounder Peter Thiel is investing in "3-D printed meat," according to Time. I'm not sure, but I think it's just another company doing test-tube meat? I was pretty excited for some cruelty-free pork chops to pop out of the old LaserJet but I don't think that's what this is.
  • I leave you with a question: Have you been eating your greens? WHY NOT?! Maymo does!

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@vegansaurus I'm struggling to find what @ladygaga finds attractive about fur? I like her music but she can go fuck herself with a fans paw

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