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After a launch party at the Mission Community Market last Thursday, Good Eggs has gone live. It's an online food marketplace that allows local farmers and foodmakers to sell directly to people in their area -- people are already comparing it to Etsy -- and though what's live now is technically just a pilot, we're already pretty excited about the site. Here are our top five reasons you should be bookmarking Good Eggs right now:

1. Get high-quality, grass-fed, pasture-raised meat at a great value ($5 a pound in bulk) by buying directly from ranchers in Mendocino County. No middlemen and no messing around. (Though you do need a big freezer or a lot of friends -- they're selling beef in 300-pound increments.)

2. Be an office hero and get babes to deliver pie to the office. Three Babes Bakeshop takes seasonal seriously, rotating six pie flavors weekly in accordance with market produce and creative inspiration. This week's flavors include bourbon peach and pluot raspberry at $35 a pie.

3. Throw a killer backyard barbecue with BBQ-bash-in-a-box ($10 a person) from Harley Richter Meats. The box is complete with an assortment of hand-crafted chorizo, keilbasa, and garlic-and-herb sausages, Acme torpedo rolls, sauerkraut, homemade mustard, and seasonal relish. Richter emphasizes his commitment to impeccable sourcing and promises you'll taste the difference.

4. Cater a meeting, a party, or a night off from the kitchen with the most beautiful bento box you've ever seen (around $14 per box), packed in bamboo-husk boxes and filled the the delicious fare of one of our favorite Japanese pop-ups, Peko Peko.

5. Order same-day delivery of fresh, sustainable seafood held to the standards of the Monterey Bay Aquarium from i love blue sea. This is just about as close as you can get to picking out your seafood if you're not reeling it in yourself.

Good Eggs aims to reinvent the way we connect to our local farmers -- a sort of back-to-basics approach within the context of our technology-driven world. It also boasts a savvy team of advisors and investors involved in both the food and tech worlds. CEO Rob Spiro helped raise chickens on a farm in upstate New York before co-founding a technology company, Aardvark, that was acquired by Google. CTO Alon Salant co-founded Carbon Five, a software company, but continued to make over 100 jars of marmalade each year from the Meyer lemon tree in his backyard. Sam Mogannam of the beloved Bi-Rite family and Alice Waters are also involved. So what we're trying to say is, whatever they're serving up, we're in.

Update: A few weeks ago we told you about the Mission Community Market Chef box. Now you can order the latest from Good Eggs -- savory papas bravas and an arugula, stone fruit, and ribboned squash salad from chef Nick Adams of The Salt House and The Corner Store -- to pick up on Thursday, Aug..

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