Watch a Watermelon Explode in Slow Motion

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Slo Mo Guys
Last week a Korean video made the rounds on the interwebs that showed what happens to a watermelon when it's wrapped with 500 rubber bands. (Spoiler alert: It blows up. Awesomely.)

This morning there's a new video that shows the whole messy thing in high-def slow-motion, brought to us by the adorable, monogrammed-lab-coat-clad Slo Mo Guys (previously responsible for such gems as Popping Popcorn in Slow Motion and Dan Chews a Biscuit at 1000fps).

Kinda makes you want to eat a ripe, juicy melon, doesn't it? And we know just what to make with the leftovers: We've been dying for an excuse to try this summery watermelon salad from local food blogger (and former SFoodie contributor) Hedonia. [via BonApp]

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