Tonight: Top Chef Masters Premieres With S.F. Chef Chris Cosentino

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Chris Cosentino: Top Chef Masters contestant.
San Francisco chef Chris Cosentino (Incanto) represents the Bay Area on the fourth season of Top Chef Masters, which premieres tonight (July 25) at 10 on Bravo. Cosentino is competing to win money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

Since he's often pigeonholed as the king of using the whole animal, everyone expects that he'll excel mainly in offal-related challenges. But Cosentino is just as creative and knowledgeable about produce, which could be his ace in the hole. Seriously, this man even has a way with radishes.

He's naturally charismatic and quick-witted, not one to hold his tongue, and is completely unlikely to succumb to the psyching out that always seems to happen amongst the players in Top Chef battles. He has experience with the arduous process of making television from the two seasons of his Food Network series Chefs vs. City, and access to really good knives (that he hopefully won't have to pack up) -- all of these tools will no doubt help him give this competition many thrilling moments.

Tomorrow, we'll post our first Cosentino Watch, a recap of our favorite contestant's on-screen antics, and continue every Thursday for as long as he is competing. Which obviously will be all the way.

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"not one to hold his tongue" ... snicker snicker.


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