The Return of Lollyphile's Hot Licks

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wasabi ginger lollipop lollyphile.jpg
Michael Hogan
Spice up your confectionery life with wasabi-ginger.

Jason Lewis launched Lollyphile in San Francisco in 2008. His lollipops had provocative flavors like absinthe, wasabi-ginger, and maple-bacon, but he managed to make balanced, subtle candies in spite of the shocking ingredients. He peddled his treats at Miette and online.

After an inactive period, Lewis has since relocated to Austin and started the business fresh, though he still considers Lollyphile a "San Francisco candy company." A few years ago, he switched from flat to round lollipops, and now maintains a revamped online store with a slew of fresh flavors. The three flavors that made him famous are there, joined by newer ones like Sriracha, bourbon, curry, cactus fruit, and strawberry basil mojito.

When Lewis was in San Francisco, he dabbled with a monthly candy club subscription offering a curated box of nostalgic, regional candy bars and the like. It was a novel idea, perhaps one worth revisiting.

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