Take a Lollipop Break Today. You Deserve It.

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Anna Roth

Here's a sweet treat on a day of horrible news: See's Candies just unveiled their Guinness-certified World's Biggest Lollipop in honor of national lollipop day (which apparently is a thing). The 17-foot-tall, 7,000-pound beast will be on display until 4 p.m. today at Justin Herman Plaza near the Ferry Building.

Turns out the process to make a giant lollipop isn't much different than that of a regular-sized one (the company turns out about 500,000 a day at their Burlingame production facility). It just requires more ingredients: roughly 3,000 pounds each of sugar and cream, 2,500 pounds each of corn syrup and chocolate lollipop mix, and 100 pounds of butter. CEO Brad Kinstler estimates the finished product has about 14 million calories. He wouldn't comment on how many licks it would take to reach the center.

See's is passing out free lollies in the square all day , and there's also a jazz band and some old-timey candy delivery trucks on display. Before it's recycled, the oversized lollipop will make a final appearance at the Giants/Dodgers game next weekend, so get out and gawk at it while you can.

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Justin Herman Plaza

1 Market, San Francisco, CA

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