SubCulture Dining Accepting New Member Applications

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SubCulture Dining
The Jolly Roger flies again.
Before the current glut of pop-up meals, there was SubCulture Dining. The private social club has been in relative hibernation for a few years but is currently preparing to host events in New York and is accepting membership applications for the San Francisco area, which would hint at future local possibilities.

"We welcome new members to join our private social club if you share our club member's mutual interests in the culinary lifestyle," reads the introduction to the application. "We request that members respect others, have impeccable manners, dress in a comfortable and appealing way and last but certainly not least, enjoy themselves immensely. We welcome you to come and explore the good food, great fun, and culinary education where enjoyment is paramount."

Members receive monthly "Communiqués" with invitations to make reservations for special gatherings. Price information hasn't been revealed to non-members, but dinner events previously ran $100-200+ and new parties might follow suit.

This is the brainchild of "Dissident Chef" Russell Jackson, who most recently ran the waterfront restaurant Lafitte. Of course, Jackson will never directly confirm that he's the Dissident or that anything is happening. In fact, this post will probably self-destruct after you read it and the author might well come up missing.

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I for one could still use the money.  Especially since I worked hard for it.  I'm glad he's earning money again, we'll see if Russell takes the opportunity to make things right.  


Perhaps he'll pay his former employees from Lafitte their last paycheck with the proceeds from his new business venture.    Seems like the decent thing to do in my opinion.  

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