Presenting #Fawaffle: Who Says You Can Have Too Much of a Good Thing

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Sam Lippman

#Fawaffle Shop at the SF FoodLab

When: Every Saturday from 6 - 10 PM, Grand Opening this Saturday, July 14

Where: SF FoodLab in the Renoir Hotel at 1106 Market Street

Cost: $25 ticket online or $30 at the door gets you a custom fawaffle, 2 sides or desserts and 1 non-alcoholic drink

The Rundown: We love falafels. And we love waffles. They're both fun to say and they kind of rhyme, so a mashup of the two is obviously a great idea, right? Chef Sam Lippman of Air Bed and Breakfast thinks so.

The idea was born when an engineer at AirBnB asked Lippman if he had ever made a fawaffle. Before something like "What the fawaffle?" slipped out of his mouth, Lippman says the concept clicked and the idea was born. He put out a call at the office for waffle irons and began experimenting. He started with 50% falafel flour and 50% waffle batter until he struck just the right combination. "They have that falafel flavor, but they're light and fluffy and a little sweet like a waffle," Lippman says. "Half falafel, half waffle, all good."
Lippman's affinity for crazy combinations does not stop with the #fawaffle. Sauces like chile maple syrup, cilantro whipped cream and spicy peanut butter give you the option of putting a crazy twist on the traditional Mediterranean topping options. Lippman has not forgotten his background in raw and vegan cuisine, allowing customers to choose between a classic, red hot or vegan and gluten free #fawaffle.

He will open his #fawaffle shop -- he hipster hashtag alludes to the crosshatch shape of a waffle --- at the FoodLab this Saturday, July 14 from 6 PM - 10 PM and continue for the next 4 Saturday nights. This could be a temporary offer or the beginning of a #fawaffle revolution.

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