Taste Testing Coracao Confections' High-Minded Raw Chocolate Goodness

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Coracao Confections' mission statement is reminiscent of the Berkeley-esque spirit its two founders were exposed to as chefs at the almost-preachy Cafe Gratitude. Here's their statement from their site:

Our Mission "We know your day can be long, stressful and full of responsibility. That's why it is our mission to offer you a blissful break through our fun, mood lightening, love magnifying, romance arousing, nerve tingling, heart opening, pure chocolates. Our soul satisfying chocolates will free you from the post indulgence guilt of other chocolate. You can feel confident knowing the smooth cacao butter melting in your mouth is enveloping the most antioxidant rich, nutrient packed, and highest quality confections in the world.

By enjoying Coracao you are also helping our world stay green. Our chocolate begins with small, organic farms around the world that sustainably grow their cacao trees underneath lush rain forest cover and in naturally mineral-rich soil. Thank you for choosing the absolute best for your body, your world, and your taste buds!"

Whether you buy into the almost spiritual side of chocolate or not, if you are looking for "raw" (how anything you have to melt to make can be "raw" is beyond me), vegan chocolate and confectionery treats, these are as good as we've had since we discovered the raw chocolate bars from Fearless.

While they make chocolate-dipped blondies, assorted truffles, caramel cups, and other confections, all of which are good, our favorites were their "Mama" Chocolate Bars. All are made with Coracao's "signature 81% Raw Cacao Dark Chocolate" which come with a variety of fillings. We've taste-tested them below:

A good combination with a bit of grit, like the feeling of undissolved sugar. Caramel is a nice, mid-intensity flavor with the chocolate delivering a nice richness. There are even tiny notes of the tropics, reminiscent of coconut, perhaps indicative of the cacao's place of origin.

Expert Tip:
Cacao grows in a 20 degree band around the equator, so most comes from nations which also produce tropical crops, the flavors of which often end up in the finished chocolate.

Kaffir Lime Caramel
There's an immediate note of the lime, almost vaporous in the mouth. A taste-first floral, then darker, with a bit of the leaf to chew on.

Raw Almond Butter
The almond butter flavor is quite mellow, with the dark chocolate predominant, leaving the almond butter secondary, though still present. The bar breaks quite crumbly.

The packaging on all the bars is nicely done, with wax paper and a cardboard sleeve providing an environmentally friendly, but still rustic look to the product.

You can buy Coracao Confections at select Whole Foods and directly online.

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