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Today, we here at SFoodie say goodbye to Disqus and hello to Livefyre, the new commenting system for this and all other SF Weekly blogs. Livefyre is pretty cool -- futuristic, even -- so we're excited for you to get acquainted. Here's a rundown of some key features:

Tag your friends on Facebook and Twitter directly through Livefyre to bring them into the conversation (a nifty feature for restaurant and happy hour planning, btw). Livefyre brings comment contributors together and makes our site feel more like a community.

Check out what your friends like on Voice Places and the stories they like on the site without logging into different accounts. We've integrated My Voice Nation and the commenting system so you only need one account to stay up on what's new at SFoodie.

Staying up to the minute has never been easier
with real-time updates that let you chime right into the conversation. Email alerts for comment likes and replies, paired with mobile access, make commenting on the go effortless. You'll also be able to follow your favorite writers and topics throughout all Village Voice publications, so you don't have to sift through all the sites.

Don't have a Livefyre account already? Signing up with Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, or your email below is a cinch. Your comments from our old system will automatically roll over into our new one in the next few hours.

Now that we've given you the low-down on Livefyre, be sure to let us know what's working and what's not in our brand new comments section. See you at the bottom of the page!

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

It's LAME !


Behold the many deficiencies of the new Livefyre comment system vs. DISQUS --


1) Cannot EDIT posts, to correct errors or mistakes. Livefyre speciously claims that allowing editing would affect discussion continuity -- but they allow DELETING the entire post, which breaks any continuity.


2) Message THREADING is limited to only 2 replies! -- After that, reply branching stops and all additional comments are simply stacked in a single pile. This absurd dysfunction makes robust discussions with multiple users impossible to follow. That's so Web 1.0.


3) MOBILE integration FAILS completely. Does not function with mobile platforms.


4) Claims to offer REAL TIME updates of Messages and posting Activity -- Numerous user activity profiles are stuck and frozen DAYS in the past, with only a fraction of their posts, or posts of friends being followed, showing in profiles / activity.


5) Follow that Story fails completely. No new posts to stories being followed appear in a user's activity profile.


6) Clicking on another User's icon to view their profile often times mistakenly links to your own profile / activity.


7) Way too much emphasis on Twitwit and Failbook. Are tweenagers their target market?


Was this system even Beta tested before implementation across the entire Village Voice network? ... "real time" updating it ain't.




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