The Little Chihuahua: Not Our Fave Breakfast Burrito in S.F.

Anna Roth

7x7's list of S.F.'s best breakfast burritos hit our social media stream over the weekend, which thrilled us, because breakfast burritos are our hangover cure of choice. But unfortunately we can't sign off on The Little Chihuahua, which we'd been disappointed by only the day before. The burrito's ingredients were nicely fresh, but all the veggies made the thing way too watery for our taste (7x7 described it as "wet-style"; we'd use the word "soggy"). We wanted crispier potatoes, more cheese, and fewer onions.

This is what the plate looked like when we were done (note, if you can in this photo, the liquid pooling in the corners):

Anna Roth

Next time we'll be getting Little Chihuahua's chilaquiles, which the people at the next table over were eating with gusto. And we're still super-excited to work our way through the rest of the 7x7 list (next up: Bean Bag Cafe).

What are some of your favorite breakfast burritos in the city?

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The Little Chihuahua

292 Divisadero, San Francisco, CA

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