LickPops Heads to Soma StrEat Food Park

The LickPops tricycle.
LickPops has been peddling organic ice pops around the city (mainly around the Mission and at Sunday Streets events) for almost a year and will soon settle into a semi-permanent spot. And while the temps are rarely blazing here, LickPops provides relief in the area of dull flavors.

LickPops veer toward the unconventional. Fruit-based options include avocado lime, plum Thai basil, and fennel orange grapefruit; creamy varieties include coffee, azuki bean, and sweet corn; and there are boozy "poptails" in Bloody Mary, peach mojito, and white sangria, among others.

Look for the LickPops tricycle soon at Soma StrEat Food Park. You can also vote for it to sell at the San Francisco Street Food Festival on August 18.

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