Coming Soon: Deep-Fried Caramel Shortbread (Need We Say More?)

When we heard Claire from Clairesquares was making a deep-fried version of her caramel-topped shortbreads, which she's trumpeting as "a decadent, never-been-done-before dessert," we had to take a bite.

The over-the-top creation will only be available at the San Francisco Street Food Festival on Aug. 18 (stay tuned for further coverage), but we got a taste at the festival's media preview last night and predict they are going to be the hit of the festival.

These are sweets for the serious sweet tooth. Claire took us through the creation process:

Step 1: Make a ball of caramel.
Step 2: Dip it in batter (the same basic mix frymasters use to deep-fry Twinkies, Snickers bars, and other sweets).
Step 3: Roll the battered ball in shortbread crumbs.
Step 4: Let it rest so the crumbs adhere.
Step 5: Drop it in the deep-fryer.

The result is a crisp-crunchy batter shell, which, once you bite through it, yields a molten, luscious core of gooey caramel. If you're lucky you'll be eating one warm, but they need about five minutes to cool after the deep-fryer -- so don't get greedy, or you'll likely lose a few layers off the roof of your mouth.

This dessert is clearly going to be festival favorite, and we're glad to hear that Claire is upgrading to an industrial fryer before the event. Because with treats this good, we predict a long line of people waiting in front of Claire's stand.

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