Bakesale Betty Nominated for Manliest Restaurants in America by Men's Health

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Bakesale Betty: Strong enough for a man, but made by a woman.
Men's Health, currently soliciting public votes for the Manliest Restaurants in America, has a curious Bay Area nomination for the Best Sandwich Shop category: Bakesale Betty.

Oakland Magazine
Bakesale Betty's Alison Barakat
The official reasoning: "While the name Bakesale Betty is distinctly girly, the sandwich isn't. In fact, Cal football fans love to pick up a few on their way to see a game."

It is a hefty sandwich indeed, but it was created by Alison Barakat, a girl so girly she's been known to wear a bright blue wig. Frankly, we're wondering if Ike Shehadeh of Ike's Place is feeling shafted by the overlook in this category.

Also nominated, in the "Best Adventurous Eating" category, is San Francisco's temple of offal Incanto. Now this is a more obvious nomination and Men's Health nails the thrill of the kill at this whole beast dining hall.

"To eat at Incanto, you need to put your faith in longtime chef Chris Cosentino. You are Dante, intrepid guest to a curious new world. Cosentino is Virgil, valued guide."

If you want to help Ms. Barakat feel more macho or support Mr. Cosentino in his manhood, voting ends July 31.

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Bakesale Betty

5098 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, CA

Category: Restaurant

Ike's Place

3489 16th St., San Francisco, CA

Category: Restaurant

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