Baby Goats, Vegan Unicorns, and Meat-Eaters are Destroying the Planet!

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  • Hey nerds! I missed you. What's new? Oh yes! My omnivore boyfriend Mark Bittman is turning his "vegan before 6" philosophy into a cookbook! Oh, boyfriend, you're always doing stuff. But just go vegan already, boo. Though I did enjoy that piece about what a joke milk is--kudos!

  • It's Meatless Monday once again! Sometimes I forget because I never eat meat and I try to sleep through Mondays whenever possible. If you know a nice omni who needs a reminder as well, feel free to send out this Meatless Monday Unicorn greeting I made:
  • There's a new infographic on the scene, all about the environment and the food we eat. It's got lots of pictures, which I am in full support of. More pictures, less words--that's what I always say! I'm also famous for saying, "less talking, more dancing!" But that doesn't really apply here. Here's a snippet of the infographic:
  • Sneaker company Puma is planning for an end to leather sneaks! I'm proud of these bros. As the executive chairman told Financial Times, "we should eat less meat, all of us, and we should use less leather, I mean that's reality." Say word.
  • If there's one thing I miss on a vegan diet, it's Goldfish crackers. Those were my jam. Luckily, Chloe Coscarelli has a recipe for us over at Ecorazzi! Hah-freaking-zah!
  • Wouldn't you know it? Turns out the evil wildlife trade is eviler than we thought! It's totally giving everyone diseases. I wish there was a disease that only jerks who steal baby animals could get. The main symptom would be that it spells, "JERK" in purple across your forehead. And it came from ladybugs. Ladybugs can spot a jerk a mile away. We could call it "ladyjerkiousis," or "ladyjerk" for short. Ladyjerk could also be a cool new dance we do at the discotheque.
  • Speaking of wildlife, that dude from that Facebook movie doesn't want you to buy exotic birds. You go, dude from the Facebook movie. Except is that his house they are filming in? Why the eff is it so 90s? He should use some of that Facebook money to spruce the place up a bit. Get a succulent or something:
  • On a final note: baby goats in coats eating roses. Yes.
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Great infographic on why it makes environmental sense to go vegan! I'm interning for a Bay Area startup called HealthyOut, a mobile app that helps people find healthy meals as they dine about town, and I'll definitely be pinning that onto the HO Pinterest board! If you or any of your readers happen to be interested in HealthyOut, check out our landing page by clicking on my name and sign up for e-mail updates about the launch. By the way, we're definitely going to have a filter to help folks find vegan dishes!

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