4505 Meats' New Marshmallow Bar is a Real Cereal Killer

Lou Bustamante
The era of pork in desserts has been slowly fading--and for good reason. We've seen bacon in chocolate bars and fast food sundaes, [insert any pork product here] ice cream, and pork belly everything, usually having more shock than gastronomic value.

Joining the small canon of producers whose products actually work because of the porky enhancements (not despite them) like Humphry Slocombe, Dynamo Donuts, and Fat Face is 4505 Meats with their new chicharrones fortified Cereal Bar ($4).

The bar is texturally dense and crispy, the chicharrones keeping their crunch, all mortared together with the puffed rice and marshmallow. The dusting of spice and salt on the pork skin contrasts wonderfully with the sweetness of the bar, providing relief to the sugariness that normally overwhelms us halfway through. Don't expect light: each bar contains the equivalent of a bag and a half of the 4505 chicharrones.

The current version they are offering is made with Rice Krispies, but Ryan Farr of 4505 Meats told us that the team has been experimenting with other cereals, like Coco Puffs and Frosted Flakes, so expect some new additions to the line up.

The 4505 Cereal Bar is available at the Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Ferry Building farmers market, along with the Thursday night Mission Mercado, and the Lafayette farmers market on Sunday at the Lafayette Bart station.

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