Violent Viral Video May Have Taken Place in San Francisco Diner

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Worldstar Hip Hop
Did this brawl happen here?
This week, Worldstar Hip Hop, an outrageous online clearinghouse of viral videos of rap-related wrongness, posted a video captioned "Stay Classy: Ratchet's Throwdown & Trash A Diner Spot in San Francisco!"

Translation: Girls gone wild (but not in that old, fun way) start a huge fight in an area restaurant, baring thongs and showing their asses in more ways than one. The video grabbed more than 120,000 views in the first 24 hours on WSHH.

We're not convinced such a weird, violent incident actually happened here, though. It's time for some citizen journalism to get down to the bottom of this before our reputation as a sophisticated food scene is tarnished.

See the full NSFW video up next (unless you're not quite ready for a breakfast azz-whoopin').

Here's where we're hoping for your help, dear readers: Does this look like a San Francisco or Bay Area eatery? If you think you know where this took place, let us know in the comments.

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