Vegan Porn, Vegan Lobster Bisque, and Vegan Michelle Pfeiffer!

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  • In piggy news, grocery chain Kroger AND New Jersey are both giving gestation crates the boot! Huzzah! Obviously this is an excellent time to make a joke at New Jersey's expense but I'm not going to because Jersey is actually my third favorite state.
  • For all you Dangerous Minds fans, which I'm pretty sure includes everyone and their mom, you'll be excited to know that Michelle Pfeiffer has adopted a vegan diet! Welcome to the celebrity vegan diet club, Michelle. Meetings will be at Cinnaholic. Wear your fat jeans.

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  • Well, well, well, what do we have here?! It's vegan lobster bisque from Vegan Belle! Did you ever imagine such a thing? Me neither. It's got lobster mushrooms! I swear, mushrooms are tiny aliens sent to freak us out and get in my way when I eat miso soup.

  • There's an interesting national AP story about a federal bill to ban battery cages and how the meat and dairy industry is taking a stand! A wildly unethical stand!
  • I've got big TV news for you! Terry Hope Romero and some other super vegans have a new show set to hit PBS this fall! Vegan Mashup is TV for us! As TV is my BFF, you know I'll be watching (in between SVU reruns, naturally).
  • If there's two things I like, it's veganism and naked dudes. That's why I'm a little disappointed with PETA's porn site, which has officially launched; I couldn't find any dudes except Ron Jeremy! That gets a "no thanks" with a capital EW.
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  • On Vegansaurus this week, we have an interesting discussion going about why veganism is so contentious. Vegans getting mad at partial "vegans," omnis getting mad at us both--what is the deal! Thoughts?

  • The East Bay Express has an interesting piece about keeping chickens as pets. I don't think I could keep chickens in my apartment, but when I get my dream farm, chickens there will be. I'm going to give them awesome names like Knowledge and Power. They're going to be baddass. Knowledge Rascal has a lovely ring!
  • Lastly, MissionMission reports that the much-celebrated meat substitute Beyond Meat will be making appearances in SF Whole Foods locations next week! Get free samples at::
    June 11th: Franklin store (11:15am-12:30pm); Haight store (4:15pm-5:30pm)
    June 12th: Potrero store (11:15-12:30); Noe store (4:15-5:30)
    June 13th: SoMa store (11:15-12:30)

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Wowzers. I'm gonna make that soup (tiny, freaky alien mushrooms notwithstanding).

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