Vegan Lemon Meringue Pie, New Sandwiches at Subway, and This Poor Fatty Hedgehog Can't Hibernate!

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  • Big news for you vegan pizza lovers! Vegan Pizza Day is Saturday, June 30th! I know Source is participating, Paxti's too. What a wonderful holiday that will be. It's like Christmas but instead of tinsel, you have shredded cheese substitute.
  • All the way from Australia, Mr. Nice Guy Cupcakes shows us how to make vegan lemon meringue pie!
  • Vegan saint Isa Chandra Moskowitz is going to open a restaurant! Not sure where. As for when, apparently 2013. Once we find out where it is, we'll all go on a big SFoodie roadtrip! OMG I'm so excited. I love roadtrips, especially ones with vegan restaurants involved. You're all invited because I'm so nice to you.
  • Subway is busting out three new vegan sandwich options! That reminds me of a word I invented: Sandwish. Like at this moment, my sandwish is avocado and tomato on pumpernickle bread. Your sandwish may be one of these new Subway sandwiches but they are only available in the DC area for now.
  • Awww, this poor fatty hedgehog can't hibernate! He's too fatty! He just loves cat food. That's weird, fatty hedgehog.
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  • Tomorrow, aka June 16th, all you veggies can hook up at the Walk of Love scavenger hunt! You veggies and your search for love. It's almost as intense as your search for the perfect vegan mac and cheese.
  • Guess what, guys! You can take a summer produce cooking class at Millennium! Now THAT will definitely get you some vegan tail. Everyone knows the way to a vegan's heart is through their morally superior stomach.
  • The ASPCA has a new commercial that is pretty awesome. Hovercat rules! So lets end on this note:

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