Coming Soon: Sift Cupcake & Dessert Bar's Pink Champagne Whoopie Cookie

Tamara Palmer
Sift's Pink Champagne Whoopie Cookie.
Sift Cupcake & Dessert Bar sent the Cook E. Monster a box of samples as a preview of its forthcoming location in San Francisco, which opens later this summer in the former Dumplings & Buns space (2411 California). Sift already has stores in Napa, Santa Rosa, and Cotati as well as a truck called the Sifter.

Sift's menu features cupcakes, cookies, ice cream sandwiches, French macarons, and an invention called cruffles, chocolate dipped and sprinkle-topped cupcake "truffles." Of the samples that were sent, what was surprising is that the cookie that frightened the Cook E. Monster most in terms of appearance turned out to be the most memorable of the bunch.

We're not girly enough to typically be very accepting of a pink cookie with pink sprinkles. but the chewy raspberry cookies that sandwich the champagne frosting (which tastes rather like vanilla) in a concoction called the Pink Champagne Whoopie Cookie make this an unusual success.

Lesson learned here: Never judge a cookie by its cover.

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Sift Cupcake & Dessert Bar

2411 California St., San Francisco, CA

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