San Francisco's Latest Food Critic: Whilst in SF

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Whilst in SF
Watch out, Michael Bauer: A new critic is in town.
Whilst in SF is an incisive, GIF-driven Tumblr page that is open to public submission, but appears to have a unified wit. It's open to general critiques of the city, but much of the playful frustration expressed here relates to the local food scene.

A choice selection of Hollywood hipster douchebags and over the top physical comedians from television and the silver screen are all that's really needed to accurately and visually describe some of the ways that San Francisco eaters can go a little bit crazy.

This is a young Tumblr, but has already commented on some of our old food conventions, including the exquisite joy of finally receiving one's order at El Farolito on a late, drunken night and the magical sprinkling of fairy dust one might feel when sauntering over to Hot Cookie for a chocolate covered penis or Venus.

But its wry statements on price points at fine dining establishments, like the above jab at Gary Danko, might herald a new era for food criticism: The GIF reviewer.

Whilst in SF
The GIF reviewer pretty much skips right past the Twitter reviewer (which hasn't really taken off, right?) and right to the heart of people's desire to read as few words as possible.

Whilst in SF
Call it Michael Bauer meets Lolcats, but we can't wait for this new era of passive capsule restaurant reviewing to begin.

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