New Start-Up Promises Wine Delivery in an Hour in S.F.

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A wine delivery heading to its appointed hour.

When Ben Narasin isn't writing about food and wine, he pursues a busy day job as an early stage "venture" investor. Sometimes the technology startups he sees make sense for SFoodie, and we get an early peek. Note: Ben is not an investor in rewinery (yet).

Ah, San Francisco. We get to be the beta testers and beneficiaries of the world's best web and mobile startups before they seek to conquer the rest of the world. When Paulo Lerner moved from Brazil to SF last year to pursue his startup dream, he wanted to build a peer-to-peer-interactive-collabrative-wine-reccomendation-engine. Now he wants to deliver 2 bottles of wine to you in the next hour for $30 to have with dinner*.

The new service is only available, for now, here in SF.

"For the casual wine drinker, wine is not something to keep, it's for immediate consumption," Paulo says. "That's not well suited for e-commerce." So he built a system for immediate consumption:

He sources the wines, posts and e-mails the offering, and has orders delivered to your door by messenger service from his warehouse (it's really a storage locker) in SF. You pick when you want it delivered, and it's wine in time for tonight.

Paulo's instinct is certainly supported by the data I've heard. We in the wine-writing and related communities are always quoting (admittedly without proper accreditation) that over 75%, or 90%, or whatever other massive number we've been exposed to lately, of wine purchases are consumed the day they are bought.

This week's offering (which we got you a deal on) is a "90 points by Parker" Haven's Merlot which Parker described as opulent, fleshy, hedonistic." Sounds like my kinda wine, though I haven't tasted it. Two bottles, delivered in a hour you choose for $30 all in. For for a wine that originally retailed for $40 for a single bottle, that's a risk worth taking on a startup.

* We convinced him to get it down to $20 for SFoodie readers on their first order. Just type the coupon code "sfweekly: in at checkout for $10 dollars off your first order.

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