Meat Week, Creamsicles, and Vegan Pizza Day, Hurrah!

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  • OMG VEGAN PIZZA DAY IS TOMORROW! Get excited, guys. Here's the lowdown from my beloved Laura at Vegansaurus:
    1. Beretta: Deal of the Vegan Pizza Day=broccolini, onion, ginger, olives, capers, and tomatoes, delightful vegan cheese. Plus, COCKTAILS. Love, love, love!

    2. Patxi's: Buy one, get one free! Buy one 14-inch vegan pizza, get one 14-inch extra thin vegan pizza for free deal, which amounts to two pizzas for $23.67 plus tax.

    3. zpizza: pizza by the slice! Ow!

    4. Source: dude, there's a VEGANSAURUS PIZZA!! And a quarrygirl pizza! And a dessert pizza! And so much more! And if you say you're with Vegansaurus or Quarrygirl, you get a 10% discount!
  • So, it was "Meat Week" on NPR this week. I'd tell you all about it but I can't deal with reading/listening to any of it because I don't care. You know what they should have? A Murder She Wrote week! Now THAT is something I can get behind. Oh J.B. Fletcher, you get me.
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  • It's summertime, my friends! And my favorite food porn site, FindingVegan, is blowing up with vegan popsicles of all sorts. Here's the prettiest, from the Sweet Life Online. It's a chocolate-covered strawberry creamsicle. How nice! But seriously, it's popsicle a go-go over on FindingVegan. Check it out.
  • The New Yorker has an interesting post about the foie gras ban. Are you so tired of hearing about that? Once the ban happens, we should ban talking about the ban. Right? For real.
  • I don't watch those chef reality shows but if you do, you'll be excited to hear that some dude, Guy Vaknin, is off Hell's Kitchen and on the path to vegan sushi restauranting. Everyone is always trying to get me to go out for vegan sushi and I'm like, dudes, I love avocado rolls. I don't need to go to a vegan place, you can get avocado rolls anywhere. You can take me to vegan sushi and you know what I'll get? Spoiler alert: avocado rolls.
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  • The SF Vegan Bakesale is July 8th. I believe you can still volunteer so holler at them. That can totally be your good deed for July! Plus, total resume builder.
  • Lastly, there's a new Henri le Chat video! I love this depressed guy. But I love all depressed guys, to the chagrin of my therapist. And all the happy men who are totally in love with me. I'm like, who you smiling at? Take that happy somewhere else! That's what I'm like.

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